Photo Requirements

So, you're considering commissioning a drawing. Please follow my guide for optimum results.

I create all my artwork from reference photographs, this ensures the best possible reproduction of your pet's character and features.

The better the photograph, the better the drawing.

For best results the photograph must be sharp and in focus, blurry pictures do not provide enough fine detail, resulting in vague and lackluster drawings. Reference photographs also need to be of adequate resolution, at least 100 dots per inch (DPI). For this reason, I need to work from original images, no screen shots or cropped files.

A really good quality headshot is essential to ensure capture of your pet's character and expressions. Full body photographs do not contain enough facial detail to create a good portrait.

Natural lighting provides the most natural portraits. Artificial lighting or strong direct sunlight creates excessive shadows and should be avoided - outdoor photographs are better on cloudy days. Avoid using flash photography.

Correct perspective is also important. Take photographs at head height - your pet's, not yours. Avoid photographs pointing down or from above. Wrong perspective creates disproportionate limbs and paws.

Always email full size images, do not allow the email system to select smaller sizes to send.

Examples: Don't Do

Try to fill the frame.
Big head, tiny paws.
Giant legs.
Washed out whites, dark shadows.
Lost pixelated details.
Lost colour detail.

Examples: Do

Full Body:
With correct perspective.
Partial with correct perspective.
Complete head and neck.
Slightly to side.
Candid full head.
You have to break all the rules.

* Sample images for comparison only. Images displayed here have been optimized for web display and are not reference quality...